17 October

J’avancerai vers toi avec les yeux d’un sourd

Followed by : Accessibility is everyone's business.
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6€ in presale


French, VFSTFR and LSFB interpretation


Film : en français oral et LSF (partiellement), sous-titré FR
Rencontre : LSFB interprétée en français oral



6pm: screening

Film duration: 105'

Registration in LSFB

Via WhatsApp: 0475 24 62 77



by bus : Pont d'Avroy // Hazinelle (200m) - 20, 21, 22, 23

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Date(s) and venue(s)

17 October

Cinéma Churchill
Rue du Mouton Blanc 20
4000 Liège

In 2015, director Laetitia Carton made this film for her friend Vincent, who had died ten years earlier. Vincent was deaf. He introduced her to sign language. Today she is giving him news of her country, this unknown and fascinating world, the world of a people fighting to defend its culture and identity.

It was with this film project that Laetitia Carton entered the Lussas documentary school in 2005. The film was released in film theatres ten years later. What began as immense anger at the loss of a friend, Vincent, has since become a letter addressed to him. It's a chilling account of what it's like to be deaf in France today, a foreigner often in his/her/their own country because they don't speak the dominant language. But it is also a joyous plea against a standardized society. Written in the first person and built up over time with a solid and generous community of friends, artists and researchers, the feature-length documentary celebrates the otherness we encounter and invites us to step aside. Because the musicality of the world of signs makes noise and sweeps away our deafness.

The film will be interpreted in French Sign Language of Belgium (LSFB), followed by "L'accessibilité est l'affaire de tous" (Accessibility is everyone’s business): a meeting with members of the deaf community, accessible in spoken French.

Watch · FVDF23 · J'avancerai vers toi avec les yeux d'un sourd (Collectif Signes) on YouTube.


Laetitia Carton

Laetitia Carton was born in Vichy in 1974. She started exhibiting her work in contemporary art venues as soon as she graduated from the Fine-Arts School in Clermont-Ferrand. She then did a post-gradua...

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