19 October

Meet the Publisher: Marie Hermann

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spoken French


6pm: doors
from 6:30pm to 8pm: meet the publisher Marie Hermann 



by bus: Opéra (250m) - 1, 48

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Date(s) and venue(s)

19 October

Livre aux Trésors
Place Xavier Neujean, 27/A
4000 Liège

Over the last few years, we've been working with bookstore Livre aux Trésors, who has been taking you behind the scenes of the publishing world. This year, we are very happy to invite Marie Hermann.

Marie Hermann co-founded Hors d'Atteinte publishing house in 2018, alongside Ingrid Balazard. The catalogue of this feminist and decolonial publishing house includes fiction and non-fiction, mainly written by people from minority backgrounds. They include: Hanane Karimi ("Les femmes musulmanes ne sont-elles pas des femmes?" Aren’t Moslim Women also Women?, 2023), Louise Morel ("Comment devenir lesbienne en dix étapes" How to Become a Lesbian in Ten Steps, 2022), Elvire Duvelle-Charles ("Féminisme et réseaux sociaux" Feminism and Social Media, 2022), Erika Nomeni ("L'Amour de nous-mêmes" Loving Ourselves, 2023), an Anthology of Black Thinking (2023) and an update of the feminist classic "Notre corps, nous-mêmes" Our Body, Our Selves (2020).

The meeting with the publisher, led by bookseller Julie Fraiture, will give us a chance to understand the place and importance of Hors d'Atteinte in the field of contemporary publishing, to look at its past publications and to celebrate its five years of existence and independence.

Marie Hermann

Marie Hermann is an editor, translator, and interpreter. In 2018, she co-founded “Hors d’atteinte editions” (Out of reach publishing) - an “Independent. Critical. Feminist” publishing house in Marseil...

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