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Aline la Sardine & Casta

  • Tale

Aline Hémagi Fernande is an artist, storyteller, performer, vocal improviser, poetess, and artistic co-directress, together with Novella De Giorgi, of Brussels’ Storytelling Sundays. 

Her work is rooted in the oral tradition and contemporary forms of storytelling, influenced by the alternative scene, improvised music, and the convergence of struggles (LGBTQIA+, feminist, decolonial, environmental, artistic, and social struggles, etc.). She seeks to poetically and collectively promote rebellions and speaks out in favour of minorities, marginalised people, non-conformists and gender issues for fantasies to intertwine, form unique and fleeting universes, and leave their mark on audiences’ memories.


Casta is a musician, singer and music therapist. Trained at the Academy, at singing workshops in Brussels and in drumming and rhythmic techniques by Jacques Dalcroze, she has been a member of several groups including the Femmes Zizies and the Vaporellas. She has been a music therapist since 2001 at an institute for children with behavioural problems and mentally handicapped adults. In 2018, Casta and Aline the Sardine joined forces in a raw experimental musical practice and musical storytelling project within the institute. In 2021, they brought the show Ma Sœur, mon Amour (My Sister, My Love) to the stage.