Novella De Giorgi

Christine Horman, Evelyne Devuyst & Marie Thys

  • Tale

The project Aux Confins du Monde brings together well-known figures from the world of storytelling for the first time: Christine Horman, a storyteller, thinker on the subject of our personal lives, author, and dramaturgical ‘consultant’. She studied philosophy, studies Jung's thought, and writes, reads and narrates; Marie Thys, a storyteller who combines raw poetry and humour. Her work, on the border between music and words, plays with all kinds of sounds; and Evelyne Devuyst, a storyteller and performer, lover of words and signs. She makes the images dance with the choreographed movement of her hands. Through their own paths, experiences, knowledge and sensitivities, they make a narrative of their own perception of the world and transform the obstacles that life and society have imposed on them.