21 October

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5€ / 10€ / 15€ en prévente


60 min.

17:30 / Portes

18:00 / Spectacle

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21 October

Manège Fonck
Rue Ransonnet, 2
4020 Liège

Originating from an order for video vignettes on disability representation, Aux confins du monde has today evolved and taken to the stage, fed by traditional stories, but also the experiences of its actresses and actors. The unlikely trio, made up of Christine Hormon, Evelyne Devuyst and Marie Thys mixes voices, music and sign language to create a captivating, poetic and knowing tale, full of images and humour.

They take us to a world full of castles. Above the castles, the motto of the Kings is engraved: Look like your king or else! Between these castles wander those who do not look like any King. Among them, there is the One in the breath of silence, the One who read hand gestures, the One who saw in the dark, a Stammerer, one with Cross-eyes, a Hunchback, one with a Limp, broken bodies, naked hearts, the Others and Beggars. All follow the fragile body of the Pottery Girl... 

Together, they form a parallel world, that is maybe not as imaginary as it seems. Together, they’ll reach the end of the world. Because in the end, maybe the more we’re beggars, the further we go.

Accessible to blind, visually impaired, deaf, and hearing impaired people and people with reduced mobility. 

Novella De Giorgi

The project Aux Confins du Monde brings together well-known figures from the world of storytelling for the first time: Christine Horman, a storyteller, thinker on the subject of our personal lives, au...

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