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Françoiz Breut

  • Music

Trained at the School of Fine Arts in Caen, it was in Nantes that Françoiz Breut first settled down to practice plastic art. There she met Dominique A and accompanied him on vocals for several pieces, before setting down roots in Brussels. Her plastic works, most often drawings, boxes and art videos, have toured many cities. Fascinated by everyday life, she deconstructs life and tinkers with it and, giving the audience the opportunity to discover a joyous mess. She illustrates children's books, and with her affinity with the musical world growing, she is beginning to illustrate a few records. She released her first self-titled album in 1997, starting a musical career that immediately met with international success. Five albums then followed, Vingt à trente mille jours (2000), Une Saison volée (2005), À l'aveuglette (2008), La Chirurgie des sentiments (2012), Zoo (2016), and as many journeys and poetic explorations. There is no link between these two parallel lives, image and sound, she says. And yet.

With her new album Flux flou de la foule, she tells of her anger, her curiosity and her appetite. She summons Fela and Sun Ra, evokes seventies space pop as much as deep dub, and makes you dance to obsessive, electronic loops. She denounces a world caught in perpetual (vicious) movement made up of upheavals and repeated explosions. Minimalist in form, complex and lively in content, it invites us laugh, rather madly, to cross the battlefields, to enjoy a moment of pleasure before the flood.