29 October
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+ Afterparty with VICE
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29 October

Manège Fonck
Rue Ransonnet, 2
4020 Liège

We wouldn't miss it for the world: as the black moon approaches, Mansfield.TYA and the singer, poet and DIY-er Françoiz Breut will come together for an explosive Mass.

The first shows took place in 2015: we still get the best kind of thrills. For years, we’ve been following Françoiz Breut’s work and hoping to invite her onto our stage. In other words, that night will be the big night.

The duo formed by Julia Lanoë (Rebeka Warrior, Sexy Sushi & KOMPROMAT) and Carla Pallone (VACΛRME) is back with their majestic Monument Ordinaire, released earlier this year. A bewitching, heady, multi-layered record, with electronic tints, but also much more. Meticulously crafted, it shares the happy melancholy of death as an escape to celebrate
the furious love of life, and the cries of the heart that make us dance and sing as if our life
depended on it (and it does).

Watch Mansfield.TYA - Auf Wiedersehen (official video) on YouTube.

Françoiz Breut
Her new album (the seventh) is titled Flux flou de la foule and describes her anger, her curiosity and her appetite. She summons Fela and Sun Ra, evokes seventies space pop as much as deep dub, and makes you dance to obsessive, electronic loops. She denounces a world caught in perpetual (vicious) movement made up of upheavals and repeated explosions. Minimalist in form, complex and lively in content, it invites us laugh, rather madly, to cross the battlefields, to enjoy a moment of pleasure before the flood.

Watch Françoiz Breut - Mes péchés s'accumulent (official video) on YouTube.

The afterparty is programmed in partnership with VICE. Line up : Samar & Wu-tangu !

Mansfield.TYA © Philippe Jarrigeon

Mansfield.TYA est un groupe de musique français originaire de Nantes composé de Julia Lanoë et Carla Pallone. Sa musique a été qualifiée de « minimalisme en surface, punk au centre, classique et même savant en profondeur »

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Simon Vanrie

Trained at the School of Fine Arts in Caen, it was in Nantes that Françoiz Breut first settled down to practice plastic art. There she met Dominique A and accompanied him on vocals for several pieces,...

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Raised in Tunisia & currently based in Brussels. throughout her sets, Samar tries to express her hybrid identity while experimenting deconstructed & mystical beats ranging from leftfield &...

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© Jitse Roels

Wu-tangu is a Swiss-Angolan dj based in Brussels. She s busy in the nightlife and art scene with her 2 collectives Bledarte and Leaving Living Dakota. Her set are always a joyful mix of electronic mus...

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