Trained in comic books at the Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels, Séraphine Claeys is an author whose work varies between press projects, illustration and publishing. She has published several albums including the series Hybrides (four albums with Temps Futurs and Glénat, 1987-91), the album Ascension (Dargaud, 1999), France de Riga (two albums with Glénat, 2005-8) and Rose d'Elisabethville (Dupuis, 2015).

She contributes to the newspapers Pilote, Okapi, Je Bouquine, and Macadam. Within the company Séraphine Graphics, which she co-founded, she centres her work on communication, through the medium of images and comic books. She also worked on the animated film Les Maîtres du Temps by Réne Laloux and Moebius.