14 30 October
Vernissages le 14 oct. !

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14 octobre de 18 à 21h !

Date(s) and venue(s)

Alix Garin & Sophie Ung

Wed-Sat, 10:00 > 18:00

La Grande Ourse
Rue Maghin 95
4000 Liège

B. Carrot & PATU

lu-sa, 12h30 - 18h

Barricade - Librairie Entre-temps
Rue Pierreuse 15
4000 Liège

Julie Delporte & Noémie Marsily

lu-sa, 11h - 18h

Livre aux Trésors
Pl. Xavier-Neujean 27/A
4000 Liège

Rebecca Ann Rosen & Séraphine

KulturA. - Galerie Rature
Rue Roture 13
4020 Liège

It’s a carte blanche exhibition by Rebecca Ann Rosen, which brings together eight illustrators and/or comic book artists in four locations in Liege — the Galerie Rature and bookshops Livre aux Trésors, La Grande Ourse and Entre-Temps. 

Brought together to reflect on the topic of inheritance, in the broadest sense of the term, their work is exhibited in pairs: each location hosts a dialogue between two works, at the same time complementary and contrasting. And the locations dialogue with each other.
The topics dealt with here are inherited political struggles (PATU and B. Carrot), family relationships (Alix Garin and Sophie Ung), objects and traumas (Noémie Marsily and Julie Delporte), or old stories to be rewritten (Séraphine and Rebecca Ann Rosen).

Each of these artists has inspired - and continues to inspire - the work of Rebecca Ann Rosen. Bringing them together here highlights the importance of interconnection and inheritance in the creative process.

RA Rosen

Comic book author, illustrator, graphic designer and screen printer Rebecca Ann Rosen (R.A Rosen) was born in Montreal but today lives in Brussels. She draws and publishes at L'Appât, the screen print...

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alt text

Alix Garin was born in 1997 in Belgium. She found her calling at a very young age and didn’t hesitate to begin her studies in Comic Books at the Saint-Luc School of the Arts in Liege. In 2018, having ...

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Julie Delporte

Originally from Saint-Malo, France, Julie Delporte is a multidisciplinary author and artist. Trained in film studies at the Université de Montréal where she now lives, she is the author of several gra...

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Sophie Ung, originally from Lille, is an author and illustrator. After obtaining her National Diploma in Plastic Arts (specialising in space design) at the School of Fine Art in Valenciennes in 2011, ...

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Noémie Marsily

Trained in illustration at Saint-Luc in Brussels, Noémie Marsily is a multidisciplinary author and artist. She has published several comics including Fétiche (2013) by Les Requins Marteaux, and Memet ...

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B. Carrot

Originally from Jerusalem and now based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, B. Carrot is a comic book author. Trained at the Sint Lukas school in Brussels, her work focuses on human experiences, their links...

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Alice Moons

Trained in comic books at the Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels, Séraphine Claeys is an author whose work varies between press projects, illustration and publishing. She has published several albums incl...

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Based in Berlin, PATU is an illustrator, cartoonist and comic book author. In her work, we see her commitments reflected: A short history of feminism (Die kleine Geschichte des Feminismus) with Antje ...

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