Illustration de Sophie Ung : Where is Tchebourashka?
Sophie Une, "Where is Tchebourashka?", 2018.

Sophie Ung

Sophie Ung, originally from Lille, is an author and illustrator. After obtaining her National Diploma in Plastic Arts (specialising in space design) at the School of Fine Art in Valenciennes in 2011, she moved to Brussels to study under Anne Quévy, who teaches illustration workshops at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Brussels. Armed with her pens, she creates vibrant and colourful illustrations, in which the design is king and different aspects of the different cultures and identities that surround her mix. Her work is nurtured as much by travel as by day-to-day life, childhood images, or her Cambodian heritage passed down from her father.

In 2017, alongside Boris Pramatarov, she founded the collective Line Across Circle. Driven by the same passions, they produce illustrations, drawings, tattoos, paintings and artists' books. They exhibit their work regularly all over Europe.