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Uzi Freyja

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English-speaking Parisian of Cameroonian descent, Kelly Rose was raised by a family of musicians in the culture of Gospel and Soul Music (James, Franklin, Turner, Simone). As a teenager, she saw hip hop coming to her as a matter of course: Eminem, Queen Latifah then Nicki Minaj, reinforced her desire to sing and rap. From freestyles in her room to karaoke, it was in high school, as part of a musical workshop, that she expressed herself for the first time.

A few years later, she immersed herself in an environment of artists, dancers, painters, and singers. In 2019, Uzi Freyja was born from the encounter between Kelly Rose and Stuntman5, during an open mic in the streets of Nantes, where Kelly Rose's flow and energy convinced everyone. Their collaboration gives lyrics that are both committed and sensual, on creations influenced by artists like Death grips or Ho99o9.

At times demanding, outrageous or experimental, the music of Uzi Freyja never ceases to reinvent itself to address it all: telling the absurdity of this world while celebrating it.


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