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06 October

Concert: Uzi Freyja

+ VICE Afterparty
  • Music
Uzi Freyja


5€ / 10€ / 15€ in presale
or 1,25€ + Article 27 ticket


9pm: doors
9:30 pm: beginning of the show


by bus: Rue J. D'Outremeuse (200m) - 4, 10, 13

more information → on jaccede.com

Date(s) and venue(s)

06 October

Rue Roture, 13
4020 Liège

We kick off our first weekend with celebration and joy, in excellent company.

Uzi Freyja

In 2019, Uzi Freyja was born out of an encounter between Kelly Rose and Stuntman5, during an open mic in the streets of Nantes, where Kelly Rose's flow and energy got everyone on the same wavelength. Their collaboration produces lyrics that are both socially aware and sensual, set to prods influenced by the likes of Death Grips and Ho99o9.

Uzi Freyja's music is at times assertive, excessive and experimental, constantly reinventing itself to appeal to both the mind and the body, recounting the absurdity of this world while celebrating it.

VICE curated the afterparty for us, with some of Psst Mlle Graduates, but also Bona Léa and Mikamayonnaise!


  • Psst Mlle graduates (curated by VICE)
  • Uzi Freyja (live) 
  • Bona Léa (curated by VICE)
  • Mikamayonnaise (curated by VICE)
Uzi Freyja

English-speaking Parisian of Cameroonian descent, Kelly Rose was raised by a family of musicians in the culture of Gospel and Soul Music (James, Franklin, Turner, Simone). As a teenager, she saw hip h...

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©Marthe Djilo Kamga

Fierce, fiery and full of flavour, BONA LÉA was born to deliver mind-blowing experiences on the dancefloors within her sets. She instantly pricks the ears of her audiences with her eclectic selections...

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©Droits Réservés

Mikamayonnaise started djiing in 2017. A real cabinet of curiosities, the Brussels native artist never stopped feeding her mixes with numerous influences. Currently, she evolves mostly around electron...

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Psst Mlle 1

Saturday the 6th of October 3 'Graduates' of Psst Mlle's Dj Class of 2023 will invite you to Start Dancing the night away. As Psst Mlle organised a DJ workshop the past months, a whole lot of differen...

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