14 October

Chaabi Transe Express

Guest curated by Laïla Amezian
  • Music
  • Cinema
  • Meeting
  • Performance


Pay what you can.


from 12.30pm to 5.30pm.



by bus: Bavière (in front of the building) - 4

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Date(s) and venue(s)

14 October

Manège Fonck
Rue Ransonnet, 2
4020 Liège

An afternoon entirely dedicated to the chaabi heritage! Featuring a unique encounter between the B'net Chaabi orchestra, participants in the Chœur en Transe (Choir in Transe) workshops in Liège and the Fanfare du Nord (Northern Brassband)!


With her "Chaabi Habibi" project, Belgian-Moroccan musician Laïla Amezian explores the chaabi ("folk") musical heritage of Morocco and the practice of this music by women living here in Belgium.

This is the starting point for the Chaabi Transe Express, the programme she guest curates at this year's festival: an afternoon of activities and treats of all genres, dances, music, screenings... entirely dedicated to the chaabi heritage.



12h30 > 17h30 – In the Salon Chaabi space

Throughout the day, you can enjoy a Moroccan lounge atmosphere, enjoying sweet and savoury treats, as well as performances and concerts of traditional or revisited Moroccan chaabi music.

14h - Concert: B’net Chaabi Orkestra

Bringing together several groups of women performing different chaabi repertoires, this unique musical project presents for the first time an orchestra of Moroccan musicians from Belgium in the spirit of the tradition of the jawqs, these large music ensembles that are so popular in Morocco. They will be performing excerpts from their respective repertoires.

15h30 - Film: Marokko Swingt, by Barbara de Uyl (2004)

Two generations of Moroccan female singers meet at a master class in Amsterdam. Najat Aatabou, a major star in North Africa and a remarkably ambitious woman, meets Karima Lemghari, SêNA Casita, Senna Gourdou and Farna El-Kadmiri: four young Dutch singers of Moroccan descent. To what extent is the story of Najat Aatabou being repeated for the young Moroccan-Dutch singers? Is music a factor in emancipation? In this oscillating film, the filmmaker seeks answers to these questions.
Running time: 67 minutes. Language: Dutch with French subtitles.

17h – Participatory Concert

A unique encounter between the ephemeral choir from the Chœur en transe workshops, the Fanfare du Nord and the percussionists from the B'net Chaabi group! For a final number that brings together polyphonic songs, chaabi rhythms and jazz arrangements.

Conducted by Laïla Amezian and Adrien Lambinet, with instrumental arrangements by Laurent Blondiau.

©Nisran Azouaghe

The B'net Chaabi Orkestra are driven by a desire to perpetuate the Chaabi (“folk”) music from Morocco, a musical tradition inherited from their elders, in Belgium. Combining vocals, keyboards, and per...

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Laïla Amezian
©Björn Comhaire

Laïla Amezian is a Belgian-Moroccan singer with an eclectic style: her vocal style is rooted in jazz, nourished by her North African origins but also by the encounters she has made throughout her care...

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