16 17 October
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Songs and drums from the South of Italy

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Le 16 octobre, de 14h à 16h.

Le 17 octobre, de 10h à 16h.

Aucun pré-requis nécessaire.

Par mail à jeviens@voixdefemmes.org, en précisant si vous êtes équipe tambour ou équipe chant.

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A la demande : prévenez-nous au moins une semaine à l'avance en écrivant à contact@voixdefemmes.org!

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Centre PolyCulturel Résistances
Jonruelle, 11
4000 Liège

In the South of Italy - as is often the case elsewhere - people sing as a ritual, to give rhythm to their work, to express their feelings and to keep the memory and knowledge of a community alive.

During two days of workshops, the members of Hysterrae will bring you close to these songs, so you can discover their origins and history, their social functions and the legends embedded in these types of popular expression. 
And best of all, you’ll get to practice them. Voice and rhythm are equally important, but for this workshop you’ll need to choose... Between: 

  • songs, and in particular those of the Neapolitan region (from Naples to Vesuvius) and Salento (the South of Apulia)
  • or percussion (frame drums), through three styles representing the South of Italy: pizzica (Tamburredhu), tammurriata (Tamorra), and a form of tarantella from Calabria (Tamburello).

At the end of the workshop, the two groups will come together for lu tamburredhu mio, a traditional pizzica that is danced at popular festivals in Salento

Delfina Todisco

Cinzia Marzo is one of the most important voices of the traditional music of Salento. For more than 30 years, she has been a musician in the group Officina ZOE, which she founded herself. Through text...

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