Illustration de Noémie Marsily
Noémie Marsily, "Dauphin".

Noémie Marsily

Trained in illustration at Saint-Luc in Brussels, Noémie Marsily is a multidisciplinary author and artist. She has published several comics including Fétiche (2013) by Les Requins Marteaux, and Memet (2019) at l'Employé du Moi. Alongside Carl Roosens, she co-directs animated short films including Caniche (2010), Autour du Lac (2013), and Je ne sens plus rien (2016). Within the collective Nos restes, she edits many fanzines, collective books, organises exhibitions, and published her first book, Fouillis Feuillu, in 2010. Her artistic practice has evolved over several years, through meetings and projects, including comics, illustration, animated cinema, and teaching.