12 October

Appellation sauvage contrôlée

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Helene Collin sur scène
Photo : Alice Piemme




5€ / 10€ / 15€ in presale
or 1,25€ + Article 27 ticket


spoken French


7:30pm - doors
8pm: representation (100')

- school representation at 1pm



by bus: Bavière (in front of the building) - 4

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Date(s) and venue(s)

12 October

Manège Fonck
Rue Ransonnet, 2
4020 Liège

"Appellation sauvage contrôlée"(Controlled Savage Designation) is a documentary play based on the artist's first-hand experience of displacement during the months she spent living on a Reserve in Canada.

It's a performance that highlights the themes of decolonisation, genocide, the relationship between time, words, stories, territory, life, and death in a respectful framework. And it's a play that seeks to find a place of authenticity, since Hélène Collin doesn't appropriate a language or a culture but rather attempts to act as an intermediary between them.

“It was in 2011 that I had my first encounter with the Wemotaci territory, one of the three reserves of the Atikamekw Nation. This initial visit was deeply moving. Over the years, I've met other territories and other Nations like the Innu Nation and the Kanienkehaka. Wemotaci has always called me back like a magnet. My desire is to be able to immerse the spectator in this territory at the end of the world through sound, video and storytelling. With my play, I'm putting orality and the present time of theatre at the heart of the project. My archives will be reactivated so that the dimension of the spoken word, of bodies in presence and the passing on of stories are at the heart of the reception of the show.” Hélène Collin

Hélène Collin
©Alice Piemme

Trained as an actor at the Royal Conservatory of Liège (ESACT), Hélène Collin is also a film director. In 2014, she directed her first mini film "Sugar Tree", with Atikamekw artist Jacques Newashish i...

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