08 October

Re/writing traditional lyrics

  • Music
  • Workshop


Pay what you can.


spoken French


From 10:30am to 3:30pm.

For whom?

Adults. No musical knowledge necessary!


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Date(s) and venue(s)

08 October

Cafétéria Collective Kali
Rue Saint-Thomas, 32
4000 Liège

“Trying our hand at producing a vocabulary to improve collective musical thinking, sharpening artists’ view of their own approach, and thus advancing the production of music itself. Now isn’t that a good mission?” - Collective La Crue in Ventoline (issue 5).

The members of the group Garenne, also members of the Collective La Crue, are committed to bridging the gap between traditional music and contemporary perspectives.

This year they’re running a writing/rewriting workshop for us, reflecting on traditional songwriting and their contexts of expression.

It's a workshop where we can look together at the poetic architecture of traditional songs, highlight what we like and what we don't, and think about how and why to modify them if need be.


Workshop length: 3 hours

Max 20 people – No musical knowledge is required (participants are encouraged to bring along songs that raise questions for them and provide food for thought and practical work).


Since 2009, the Garenne duo has brought together Noëlli Nioulou (cello, violin, viola da gamba, vocals, podorythmie – aka foot tapping music) and Clémence Cognet (violin, vocals, podorythmie), offerin...

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