21 October
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19:30 / Portes

20:00 / Buddy Body

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21 October

Manège Fonck
Rue Ransonnet, 2
4020 Liège

The actress, author and director Elsa Poisot presents a stage of the project Buddy Body, her last project and the subject of her Curious Residence with us in 2020.

Buddy Body is the diary of a women who seeks to find her way out of the established framework and understand what bodies (and her body) are really capable of. The search happens through the collection of encounters: encounters with ourselves, encounters with witnesses who give us a unique experience, but also encounters with biopolitics experts. These links are woven in the text, but also on the stage, since for this project Poisot collaborates with various artists: on stage, the actresses Laure Lapel and Marion Lory alternate in performing, and DJ Rokia Bamba mixes live the soundtrack put together by Myriam Pruvot, with which interviews with the philosopher Nathalie Grandjean are mixed. The scenography - temporary and tailor-made - is provided by Ditte Van Brempt and Emilie Jonet. 

In this first stage of work, the main theme is violence: that of blows, of resilience and power, that of a body that learns to recognise and defend (itself). [TW : physical & sexual violence] 

What bodies can do

A meeting between the philosopher Nathalie Grandjean and three female artists and project leaders: Elsa Poisot (Buddy Body), Christine Horman (Aux confins du monde), and Massinda Zinga (Unmuted).

Based on the philosophical question “What can bodies do?” and through the work of some of the festival’s artists, this event will address the question of the powers of bodies and their modalities: sexist, colonial, and ableist normative deconstructions. But it will also uncover the intensity and relevance of this feminist approach that “brings about the agency of those who had first and foremost been defined as bodies, and in this way, had been rendered invisible as beings”. What does all of this produce in terms of knowledge, for itself and for the world?

*the ability to act and to influence events, things, and/or people.


Lou Galopa

Trained at the ESACT (Royal Conservatory of Liège), Elsa Poisot is an actress, author and director. At the heart of her work, we find north-south relationships, identity, gender... In 2009 she created...

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Art by Malkia
Novella De Giorgi

The project Aux Confins du Monde brings together well-known figures from the world of storytelling for the first time: Christine Horman, a storyteller, thinker on the subject of our personal lives, au...

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Written and directed by: Elsa Poisot
Assistant director and recording, performance: Laure Lapel
Anthropology: Jacinthe Mazzocchetti
Philosophy/voiceover: Nathalie Grandjean
Dramaturgy:  Milady Renoir
Performance/acting: Laure Lapel alternating with Marion Lory/Elsa Poisot/Rokia Bamba
Plastic design: Emilie Jonet
Dramaturgy and soundtrack composition, recording: Myriam Pruvot
Soundtrack creation/composition and live mix/performance: Rokia Bamba
Scenography: Ditte Van Brempt
General director/sound design:  Inès Isimbi
Production: Corinne Ricuort/ Elise Moreau / Ecarlate la Cie

With the support of: Chaufferie Acte 1, Voix De Femmes, Lookin’out, CED-wb, ULB Culture, Sophia — Belgian Gender Studies Network, COCOF, FWB.