16 October
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16 October

Rue Roture, 13
4020 Liège

What they have in common is a taste for travel, a seemingly boundless curiosity and the rare ability to combine incredibly broad influences and registers to create real gems. And albums from 2020 that have waited for too long to finally reach us!

Las Lloronas
Influenced by (among others) Lhasa de Sela and Noname, the members of Las Lloronas are united by their passion for sociology, activism and art. At the crossroads between different musical practices and traditions: traditional Spanish music, polyphonics, klezmer sounds, fado... their repertoire varies between lamentations, daydreams and war cries. With their first album Soaked, they tackle political and intimate subjects, at the crossroads of their multicultural and multilingual experiences. Here’s some advice between friends: never underestimate the power of mourners.

Watch Las Lloronas - Lágrimas on YouTube.

Michelle Blades
Her last EP, Nombrar Las Cosas, came out in 2020 with Midnight Special Records. It appears as an escape, a return to Michelle Blades’ Panamanian and Mexican roots - it’s the first time that she’s performed entirely in Spanish, from start to finish. It was entirely written and composed by her, and she plays most of the instruments and was responsible for all of the arrangements.
A jewel in which we find all the singularity and diversity of Blades' universe: garage moments here, poetry and ballads there, grace and talent everywhere.

Watch Michelle Blades -- Indecisa soledad del fin (de semana) on YouTube.
Ana Mijares

Self-taught, prolific and a jack-of-all-trades, Panamanian Michelle Blades comes from a pioneering salsa music family in Mexico. Her music, enriched by a multitude of sounds, reflects the image of a n...

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In Brussels, Las Lloronas brings together street musicians Sura Solomon (BE/USA), Amber in 't Veld (ES/NL), and Marieke Werner (DE). They are at the crossroads of different musical practices and tradi...

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